The Whitney Group was involved in the redevelopment of a vacation property on Stonewall Island on Lake Muskoka, Muskoka Ontario.

The project included the additions to the main cottage as well as renovations. The main boat house and docks were reconstructed as well as renovations to the upper living quarters. The entire architectural style of the property was changed for the dated "Chalet" style to a "Cap Cod" style that was more in keeping with the trends in Muskoka.

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The island project had its challenges from logistics to the small property footprint to agency approval progress.

Initially, the property was restricted by a development freeze due to a designation along one shoreline of the property as a fish breeding area resulting in a setback that restricted any expansion on the property. After employing environmental experts to review the designation, we were able to have it removed by legislation, thus allowing the project to proceed. The other challenge was the small foot print of the property with regards to the septic system. A traditional raised bed was not feasible therefore more modern sewage treatment systems were required.

The Main Cottage:

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1246106501 H5KAU-SAfter Development

The Main Cottage redevelopment included the construction of a new addition for a expanded kitchen, dinning area, living room, and master suite. The existing cottage was renovated to house guest bedrooms and a sitting room. The existing cottage renovation also included a substantial restructuring and removal of the front angled wall and reconstruction of a new front wall to match the balance of the new architectural concept.

In addition to the building construction, extensive landscaping was done.

Main Boat House:

1246103559 PZRq8-SBefore Development

1246104609 7dGL7-SAfter Development

The Main Boat house redevelopment included alterations to the docks to create 2 slips instead of one large slip. The existing upper sleeping quarters were renovated to include private bedrooms and a a sitting area for guests as well as a new deck. The architectural scheme was changed to match the overall scheme.

Secondary Boat House:

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An additional boathouse and docking was added to facilitate additional boat docking and storage facilities.

Services provide by Whitney included:

  • Conceptual Design and Drawings
  • Municipal Site Plan approval including Ministry of Enviorment
  • Permit Approval Administration
  • Construction Coordination and Management
  • Construction

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